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A Pittsburgh Episcopal Voice


The material here deals with information essentially to understanding the present circumstances.

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TITLE Fast Facts
AUTHOR The Episcopal Church
DATE Updated periodically
ADDED 8/28/2007
TYPE Questions & answers, glossary
FORMAT Web page
DESCRIPTION This page contain links to pages answering fundamental questions about The Episcopal Church (“What is a province?”, “Who is the Presiding Bishop”).
COMMENT This page is part of Episcopal Life Online. The list of questions here is short—there are only 12—but the answers are quite helpful. (The answers in the handout below are less detailed.) There is also a link to a glossary of liturgical terms.


TITLE Questions on the Current Controversy Facing The Episcopal Church
AUTHOR Church of the Redeemer, Squirrel Hill
DATE 8/17/2007
ADDED 8/23/2007
TYPE Questions & answers
DESCRIPTION List of 37 questions and answers relevant to Pittsburgh Episcopalians
COMMENT This six-page document answers many of the questions likely to be asked by Pittsburgh Episcopalians who have not been following developments in the church and the Anglican Communion closely. Even the well-informed may find this document useful.
TITLE Where We Stand/Where TEC Stands/Choices to Make
AUTHOR Diocese of Pittsburgh
DATE 7/22/2007
ADDED 8/27/2007
TYPE Flyer
DESCRIPTION Listing of positions taken by the diocese and The Episcopal Church, and three choices of direction offered to the diocese by its leadership
COMMENT Versions of this document were distributed at various district meetings. The first section lists actions taken by diocesan convention between 2003 and 2006. (Resolution 1 of 2002, which “warned” General Convention 2003 against making various decisions is omitted.) The second section asserts that The Episcopal Church has not done what the primates have asked of it. The third section lists a version of three of the four options originally discussed at a retreat in May. The option of “submitting” to The Episcopal Church, which is to say, taking an active, cooperative role role in church affairs, has apparently been dropped as unacceptable.

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