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A Pittsburgh Episcopal Voice

The material below relates to the nature of The Episcopal Church.

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TITLE In defense of remaining Episcopalian, Jerry Bowyer answers critics
AUTHOR Jerry Bowyer
DATE 2/8/2008
ADDED 2/11/2008
TYPE Essay
FORMAT Web page
DESCRIPTION Bowyer’s earlier essay (see below) evoked much criticism from those who believe the diocese should remove itself from The Episcopal Church. In this essay, Bowyer responds.
COMMENT Bower answers eight specific criticisms of his earlier essay. Many of the criticisms will be familiar to those who have followed diocesan affairs.
TITLE Letter to 12 Conservative Priests
AUTHOR The Rev. Dr. Harold Lewis
DATE 2/1/2008
ADDED 2/12/2008
TYPE Letter
DESCRIPTION Letter from rector of Calvary Episcopal Church to authors of letter indicating their intention to stay in The Episcopal Church (see below). The letter is shown as it appeared in the 2/10/2008 issue of Calvary’s newsletter Agape.
COMMENT Dr. Lewis expresses his pleasure at the declaration of the 12 priests who, he says, have “struck a blow for Anglican comprehensiveness.” He also indicates that he looks forward to working with the letter writers in building up The Episcopal Church in the diocese.
TITLE Letter to People and Clergy of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh
AUTHOR 12 priests (see document)
DATE 1/28/2008
ADDED 2/12/2008
TYPE Letter
FORMAT Web page
DESCRIPTION Letter by 12 conservative priests declaring their intention to stay in The Episcopal Church.
COMMENT It has always been clear that a number of moderate-to-liberal clergy have no intention of leaving The Episcopal Church. Some conservatives were equally clear about their eagerness for “realignment.” It has also been clear that not all conservatives intended to leave. In this letter, 12 conservative priests declare that they will stay in The Episcopal Church.


TITLE Be faithful, be patient, and pray for all in authority
AUTHOR Jerry Bowyer
DATE 11/20/2007
ADDED 2/11/2008
TYPE Essay
FORMAT Web page
DESCRIPTION The author argues against leaving The Episcopal Church, suggesting that proponents of the move misread both history and the Bible.
COMMENT Bowyer, a financial journalist known by many in Pittsburgh for his work in radio, is a vestry member at St. Stephen’s, McKeesport. This essay appeared in a slightly different form in the Post-Gazette on November 11.
TITLE Where St. Paul’s Vestry Stands
AUTHOR Vestry, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon
DATE 9/21/2007
ADDED 10/4/2007
TYPE Letter
DESCRIPTION Letter to parishioners from members of the vestry declaring their intention to keep St. Paul’s in The Episcopal Church irrespective of what the diocese or other parishes might do
COMMENT St. Paul’s is one of the largest parishes in the Pittsburgh diocese. Although there has been little uncertainty regarding where its sympathies lie—its vestry had already declined Anglican Communion Network membership—it has largely sat on the sidelines as the diocese has increasingly isolated itself from its parent body. This letter was issued shortly after Bishop Duncan revealed his plan to remove the diocese completely from The Episcopal Church. A Web page version of the letter can be found here.
TITLE The death of liberal Anglicanism?
AUTHOR Lynda Patterson
DATE Winter 2007
ADDED 9/18/2007
TYPE Magazine article
DESCRIPTION Patterson, writing in a New Zealand publication, argues that the center of Anglicanism is being squeezed out, and she suggests what liberals should do about it.
COMMENT Current church controversies are most often portrayed as a battle between conservatives and liberals. This model ignores the fact that the “conservatives” are both Evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics, who share only some of the same views and have usually been considered opponents of one another. Patterson offers a more useful model, suggesting that the traditional Anglican via media represents a liberal middle, the preservation of which requires immediate action on the part of liberals. Anglicanism in the abstract is being analyzed here, but, because the analysis applies specifically to The Episcopal Church, even though that is not the author’s primary concern, we have placed this entry in the “Episcopal Church” category, as well as in the “Anglican Communion Relations” category.
TITLE A Definitive Portrait of the Struggle in the Episcopal Church
AUTHOR Interfaith Voices radio program
DATE 6/14/2007
ADDED 9/15/2007
TYPE Radio program
FORMAT Web page with Shockwave plugin and MP3 download
DESCRIPTION Public radio program with interviews of Bishop Martyn Minns and Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. (Also includes interview about Canada’s Big Valley Creation Science Museum.)
COMMENT Two major figures in current Episcopal Church controversies are interviewed here, Convocation of Anglicans of North America (CANA) bishop and former Episcopal rector of Truro Church Martyn Minns and Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. The interviews do not directly answer one another, but both are interesting.
TITLE Undermining the Episcopal Church, Part I: Cheap Substitutions Are Not Acceptable
AUTHOR The Rev. Thomas Woodward
DATE 8/24/2007
ADDED 8/26/2007
TYPE Blog post
FORMAT Web page
DESCRIPTION Woodward accuses critics of The Episcopal Church of misrepresenting the issues at stake in our “Anglican Agony” and “trashing” the church
COMMENT The essay is the first in a promised series of essays on The Episcopal Majority Web site. Although it begins with what seem to be political criticism, it quickly gets into more theological issues.
TITLE As we have always taught...
AUTHOR Tobias Haller BSG
DATE 8/10/2007
ADDED 8/26/2007
TYPE Blog post
FORMAT Web page
DESCRIPTION The author uses Acts 13:26–41 to draw a number of lessons for the church
COMMENT Haller says, “This passage from the early history of the church is a reminder of several things,” and proceeds to make 11 distinct points. A sample: “Those in the position to understand the scriptures sometimes don’t, and those with the authority to interpret them are sometimes wrong.”


TITLE Why Others Stand as Well
AUTHOR Tobias Haller BSG
DATE 7/3/2007
ADDED 8/24/2007
TYPE Essay
FORMAT Web page, with a link to a PDF version
DESCRIPTION Essay written in response to Dr. Leslie Fairfield’s “Why We Stand” (available here)
COMMENT The author offers a very different view of The Episcopal Church from that of Dr. Fairfield.
TITLE What Did General Convention 2006 Do?
AUTHOR Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
DATE 6/28/2006
ADDED 8/28/2007
TYPE Flyer
DESCRIPTION 2-page handout describing the major actions taken by General Convention 2006
COMMENT The document is well described by its own introduction: “The following is a summary of major actions taken at the Episcopal Church’s 75th General Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Because of their significance for inter-Anglican relations, resolutions related to our response to the Windsor Report are reproduced here in their entirety. Where indicated, resolution numbers are given in brackets.

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