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Editor: The Rev. Diane Shepard



A Pittsburgh Episcopal Voice


The choice before the Diocese of Pittsburgh is between unity or schism. The items here suggest that unity represents the wiser choice.

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TITLE The Case For Staying in the Episcopal Church
AUTHOR The Rev. Dr. Jim Simons
DATE 6/28/2008
ADDED 6/29/2008
TYPE Blog post
FORMAT Web page (also available as a PDF)
DESCRIPTION A list of reasons for not supporting realignment of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
COMMENT Simons is one of the 12 Pittsburgh clergy who declared earlier in the year that they intended to stay in The Episcopal Church. (See Letter to People and Clergy of the The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.) His essay is particularly addressed to conservatives who might be thinking of voting in favor of Bishop Duncan’s realignment plan. While some will disagree with Simon’s analysis, others will find his case compelling. Some of his strongest arguments have not been made elsewhere. Those who might want to distribute this essay may prefer to duplicate a PDF version of it
TITLE A Fork in the Road?
AUTHOR Walter Bowman
DATE 4/15/2008 (revised 5/23/2008)
ADDED 5/23/2008
TYPE Essay
DESCRIPTION Bishop Duncan has spoken about the diocese’s having come to a fork in the road. This essay suggest a different metaphor and calls for unity, rather than schism.
COMMENT Bowman is a member of Calvary Church in Pittsburgh. This essay first appeared in Calvary’s newsletter, Agape. It appears here with only minor changes. It is both a statement of what the church has meant to the author and a call to travel together, rather than apart.
TITLE Galatians 5.25–6.2: Bearing One Another’s Burdens
AUTHOR The Rev. Philip Wainwright
DATE 3/4/2008
ADDED 3/7/2008
TYPE Sermon
DESCRIPTION Sermon delivered at a Church of the Redeemer, Squirrel Hill, Eucharist as part of the Lenten Preaching Series sponsored by East End parishes
COMMENT Wainwright is rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Brentwood. He is one of 12 Pittsburgh Episcopal clergy who recently declared in a letter that they intend to stay in The Episcopal Church. Wainwright addresses the situation where some in a church have strayed in their beliefs. He argues that Paul does not advise separation, but gentle encouragement to return to the right path.
TITLE Welcome to my church...
AUTHOR Various
DATE Various
ADDED 12/24/2007
TYPE Web site
FORMAT Web pages and PDFs
DESCRIPTION Collection of newspaper ads promoting Episcopal churches.
COMMENT This is a new site featuring newspaper ads that have appeared in Southwestern Pennsylvania newspapers recently. Each ad highlights an individual Episcopalian speaking about what his or her church means to him or her. The site also includes links for those who want to learn more about The Episcopal Church.


TITLE A Letter to the Diocese from the Rev. Leslie Reimer
AUTHOR The Rev. Leslie Reimer
DATE 11/16/2007
ADDED 11/29/2007
TYPE Open letter
DESCRIPTION Letter addressed to “People of the Diocese of Pittsburgh,” reflecting on the recent diocesan convention.
COMMENT Reimer is Associate Rector of Calvary Episcopal Church. Speaking of the “extreme theological position” espoused by the diocese and the “extreme decisions” taken by the diocesan convention, she urges the people of the diocese to “step back from the edge.”


TITLE If Only I’d Been Born
AUTHOR The Rev. Tony Clavier
DATE 10/11/2007
ADDED 10/14/2007
TYPE Lecture script
DESCRIPTION Address given to the Clergy Association of Pittsburgh
COMMENT Clavier discusses characteristics of Anglicanism and points out that the conflict being experienced now in Anglicanism is neither unique nor a proper justification for schism. This is a wonderful talk, but the script has not really been edited for publication. Formatting of this document has been cleaned up, but no attempt has been made to do the same for punctuation, and a word or two may have been omitted. The reader will be rewarded for exercising a degree of what the author would call Anglican patience.


TITLE United in Mission
AUTHOR The Rt. Rev. C. Christopher Epting
DATE 8/26/2007
ADDED 9/1/2007
TYPE Essay
FORMAT Web page
DESCRIPTION Epting, citing early disagreements between Apostles Peter and Paul, points out that disagreements within the Church are neither new nor unusual. Citing the prayer book’s Catechism, he asserts that the essential mission of the Church is “to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.”
COMMENT Epting, Deputy for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations for The Episcopal Church, wrote this as a “Reader’s Viewpoint” column for the 8/26/2007 issue of The Living Church. He says: “If we spent more time and energy doing that [reconciling people to God and to one another], and less time and energy unchurching one another because we disagree about some things in today’s world, we would be carrying out the mission of the Church, and would be a lot more pleasing to our God than we must sometimes be today.”
TITLE Resignation from the ACN
AUTHOR The Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner
DATE 7/31/2007
ADDED 8/28/2007
TYPE Personal statement
FORMAT Web page
DESCRIPTION Radner, a Fellow of the Anglican Communion Institute, explains why he is resigning from the Anglican Communion Newtwork
COMMENT Radner, who, according to the statement, “assisted in” the founding of the ACN, He writes: “The recent statements by the Moderator of the Network, Robert Duncan, however, so contradict my sense of calling within this part of Christ’s Body, the Anglican Communion, that I have no choice but to disassociate myself from this group, whom I had once hoped might prove an instrument of renewal, not of destruction, of building up, not of tearing down.” Radner is perhaps not typical of the supporters of the ACN, but he has written many scholarly, well-respected articles and books on the state of the church.
TITLE Things She Just Said: Quotable Quotes from Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori
AUTHOR Church of the Redeemer, Squirrel Hill
DATE 6/19/2007
ADDED 8/24/2007
TYPE Flyer
DESCRIPTION This is a 2-page compilation of quotations from the new Presiding Bishop. Sources for the quotations are given in footnotes.
COMMENT This document was prepared for and distributed at several district meetings. Some have questioned Katharine Jefferts Schori’s theology. This document should be reassuring.
TITLE We Are One Family: There IS Room at the Table for Us All
AUTHOR Church of the Redeemer, Squirrel Hill
DATE 6/19/2007
ADDED 8/24/2007
TYPE Flyer
DESCRIPTION This is a 2-page compilation of excerpts from the prayer book on the subject of unity.
COMMENT This document was prepared for and distributed at several district meetings.
AUTHOR The Rev. Tony Clavier
DATE 7/15/2006
ADDED 8/27/2007
TYPE Blog post
FORMAT Web page
DESCRIPTION A vision of the Anglican via media
COMMENT Anglicanism, according to Clavier, is not properly described as a collection of parties, and the middle way of Anglicanism is not itself represented by a party. Anglican, according to this essay is not about movements at all, but about community.

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